Frequently Asked Questions

Does Matt come out to the games?‚Äč
Not usually. In our first season Matt coached one of our teams out in Newport, and has been out to all of our locations at least once. But, with his son playing in a Friday night league up in Manhattan Beach, and his new broadcasting opportunity, it's rare that he will get out to games in Orange County.

Are you a franchise?
We are not a franchise. The Leinart family oversees all leagues that carry the Matt Leinart name, and they're directly involved on a daily basis. Matt's brother and dad, Ryan and Bob Leinart are heavily involved with all leagues.

What makes your league different than other flag leagues?
What makes the Matt Leinart Flag Football League different from most is the emphasis on passing, similar to the high school passing leagues that teams participate in throughout the Spring and Summer months. The number of runs that a team has is limited, while QB's have a set time to throw the ball, before a sack is called. There is no defensive rushing, which allows QB's and WR's to work their dropbacks and routes without an unblocked player constantly in their face. We feel that these rules allow for greater development of football skills, while making for a more exciting game.

Which field location will I end up playing at?
Location information can be accessed here. Players can select their location they would like to play at, as we do not restrict players in certain zip codes to specific locations.

Who coaches the teams?
Our coaches are volunteers. Staff members will assist any coaches who need help, or are coaching for the first time. All of our staff members are highly qualified coaches, or former coaches who are committed to helping individuals new to coaching the game of football, or experienced coaches looking to develop further.

What ball size does each division use?
The ball sizes are as follows:
PK-K: Customized ball, slightly smaller and softer than pee-wee size
1-2 Grade: Customized ball, slightly smaller and softer than pee-wee size
3-4 Grade: Pee-wee / Junior (teams have the option to use either size ball)
5-6 Grade: Junior size
7-8 Grade: Youth size