League Communication:
League e-mails only go out to the person who registered the player, and they are sent to the primary address of that account holder. That primary address is the one that was used when opening the account, and is listed in your account settings. If you have a spouse, grandparents, etc. who you want to receive league e-mails, you can add them by using the following steps below. You can remove them at any time. 

From a computer:
Step 1: Click on the following link (you will be asked to login): https://app.sportngin.com/user/profile
Step 2: Click on your child's profile.
Step 3: On the right hand side next to Guardian hit the plus sign, and add the e-mail address of the additional person you'd like to have receive league communication.

From the SportsEngine app:
- Open the app, and select "My Account" at the bottom
- Select your player
- Click "Guardians," then "Add Guardian"